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Our Historic Address


641 Main Street, Louisville Colorado


Built in 1880, 641 Main by Swiss man named George Steuble, who lived here with his wife Elizabeth and their children, 641 Main Street has since been, at various points in time, the home of other large and illustrious families, a doctor’s office, and in general, a place where the good people of Louisville have come to feel better.

We strive to bring back the old time feel of old Louisville in this charming house, and hope that you feel as at home here as we do, creaky floorboards and all.



Andy Clark

Founder/Baker/Wooden Table Maker

Andy’s professional devotion to excellent bread started when he was just 17, when, in spite of his bad attitude and long hair, he was hired at Boulder’s Daily Bread as a baritsa, until the one night when the bakers needed help and he slipped into the night baker spot. That transitioned into his eventually heading up the Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain Bakehouse for nearly 15 years. From 2012 to 2014, Andy was the COO and VP of Business Support at Udi’s Artisan Bakery. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Bread Baker’s Guild of America.

But it was 2015 when Andy finally mustered the chutzpah to put his passions and diverse experiences together and open Moxie Baking Co., the bakery/antique parlor/musical stage of his dreams. When not baking, you will either find Andy wrestling with one or all of his three sons, hiking and biking the Front Range with his lovely wife Phillippa, or sleeping in the delivery truck in front of the Mercantile Café in Jamestown, Colorado. 


“And there is hesitation, and it always remains (concerning you, me, and the rest of the gang), but, in our quiet hour, I feel I see everything, and am in love with the hook upon which everyone hangs.”

--Joanna Newsom