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Our Historic Address

641 Main Street, Louisville Colorado


Built in 1880, 641 Main by Swiss man named George Steuble, who lived here with his wife Elizabeth and their children, 641 Main Street has since been, at various points in time, the home of other large and illustrious families, a doctor’s office, and in general, a place where the good people of Louisville have come to feel better.

We strive to bring back the old time feel of old Louisville in this charming house, and hope that you feel as at home here as we do, creaky floorboards and all.

Andy Clark

Moxie Founder/Owner

Andy’s professional devotion to excellent bread started when he was just 17, when, in spite of his bad attitude and long hair, he was hired at Boulder’s Daily Bread as a barista, until the one night when the bakers needed help and he slipped into the night baker spot. That transitioned into his eventually heading up the Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain Bakehouse for nearly 15 years. From 2012 to 2014, Andy was the COO and VP of Business Support at Udi’s Artisan Bakery. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Bread Baker’s Guild of America.

But it was 2015 when Andy finally mustered the chutzpah to put his passions and diverse experiences together and open Moxie Baking Co., the bakery/antique parlor/musical stage of his dreams. When not baking, you will either find Andy wrestling with one or all of his three sons, hiking and biking the Front Range with his lovely wife Phillippa, or sleeping in the delivery truck in front of the Mercantile Café in Jamestown, Colorado. 


“And there is hesitation, and it always remains (concerning you, me, and the rest of the gang), but, in our quiet hour, I feel I see everything, and am in love with the hook upon which everyone hangs.”

--Joanna Newsom

Keely VonBank

General Manager

Keely is more than a GM, she's KEELY: a pillar of leadership, strength, creativity, and good ole’ FUN (just look at her!). She fosters a beautiful environment for everyone to flourish at Moxie. She is thoughtful and passionate about her work and leadership and she has a pretty great philosophy on life. Keely’s mission for Moxie is to build and create a sense of community for all our customers, provide them with nourishing food while supporting the health of our agricultural system by connecting with farmers. After growing up in the Minneapolis MN area, she loves the Colorado sunshine & lifestyle of skiing, hiking, camping & the local music scene! If Keely were a spice, she’d be ginger, because of its aromatic, pungent, spicy, unique flavor & zest while providing balancing nutritional properties.


“There are 3 types of people: people who talk about other people; people who talk about events; people who have ideas and share those ideas with others. - Now, who are you?" - Helen VonBank (my Grandma)

Laura Fessenden

FOH Manager

Laura, affectionately known as Mama Tiger by our teammates is from Southern CA, but moved to Denver in high school. When she’s not managing front of house operations at Moxie,

she’s spending time with her wonderful husband and stepsons. She’s an avid yogi and is working toward her Yoga Therapy certification! She loves music, art and cinema. We are impressed with her list of concert experiences and music taste and range. Like many of us, it’s hard to ignore Colorado’s beauty, so of course she enjoys hiking and snowboarding once in a while. If Laura were a spice, she’d be ginger because it brings out the flavor of it’s dishes and has many nurturing, healing, and balancing properties + it’s sometimes surprisingly spicy. Laura has been in the service industry since she was 20 years old, and loves “serving” others in a myriad of ways. Moxie has given her an opportunity to interact with an amazing community, meet amazing friends and provide nourishment to those that visit us. Win-Win!


“Remember when you were young and you shone like the Sun? Shine on you crazy diamond!” 

- Pink Floyd

Marcus Berlin

Kitchen Manager

Marcus, our beloved chef / kitchen manager was born in Korea, raised in Boulder. He’s a rare Colorado native. When he isn’t making food from his heart for Moxie patrons, staff, friends, and family, Marcus can be found going to concerts (Greensky Bluegrass are his all-time favorites), fishing, trying new restaurants, and picking his mandolin. If Marcus were a spice, he’d be gochujang, a korean chili paste, because it stems from his cultural roots and it’s smoky and spicy; some of his favorite flavor combinations.


“Hold on and hope for the best.” - P. Hoff, Greensky Bluegrass

Rich Long

Coffee Program Manager / Barista / FOH

Rich Long, from Odessa Florida, came out to Colorado over 10 years ago for school and a change of scenery. He never left. Outside of managing our coffee program and making some of the most beautiful latte art, Rich can often be found reading a number of books, playing a number of instruments, and he’s a pretty decent rock climber too. Ask him for a book recommendation, he’ll be sure to suggest a good one for ya. If Rich were a spice, he’d be cinnamon because “it’s essentially tree bark, so it’s bound up in all the ancient knowledge we often attribute to trees. It’s versatile, it’s comforting - Egyptians used it to embalm their dead, my uncle employs it as the dominant spice in his beloved chai recipe. It’s no stranger to extremes.”


“My offerings are not for the temple at the end of the road but for the wayside shrines that surprise me at every bend.” - Rabindranath Tagore

Rick Hickerson

Farmer's Market Manager / FOH / Barista

Rickee, a Colorado native, by way of an interesting story… “My mother, while running from the Danish mafia, arrived in Colorado just days before my birth. To shield me from any possible danger I was left under the care of an ancient and secret society who raised me under the cover of a what appeared to be a normal American family. The rest is history.” Rick was adopted. When he’s not at Moxie, Rick loves spending his time outdoors where he finds inspiration for his herbal bitters. If Rick were a spice, he’d be chipotle because it’s warm, spicy, earthy, aged and smokey. 

“Cheerfulness consists principally in the attitude of the mind.” - Paramahansa Yogananda

Joan Rasmussen

Bread Baker / Pastry Chef / Miller

Joan hails from South Louisiana. The mountains and teaching math brought her out here, baking bread and the same mountains are keeping her here. YES, Joan was a high school math teacher. No wonder she’s so good at the bread baking classes she teaches with Andy. When Joan isn’t baking bread, she is spending a great deal of her time hiking and camping. She loves to travel, she’s an avid reader, a frequent letter writer, and talented doodler. She is an admirer of the cosmos, the sun, the moon. If Joan were a spice, she’d be cardamom because it’s warm and cozy (like her!), and it’s her favorite spice to bake with.


“This is a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before.” - Maya Angelou

Brittane Nolen

Pastry Chef

Brittane came to Moxie by way of Dallas, Texas for the heirloom grain movement and “those mountains.” When Brittane isn’t baking at Moxie, she’s baking at home, hiking, and gardening. If she were a spice she’d be szechuan peppercorns, because she’s rarely seen but adds a unique twist. 


“I’m your Huckleberry.” - Doc Holliday, Tombstone

Laura "Laney" Jones

FOH / Barista

Laney Joans hails from Turbotville, Pennsylvania, and biking brought her out here by way of Chicago (psst she also did a solo cross-country cycling trip a few years ago just because). When Laney isn’t working or studying for her Masters in Library Science, she’s of course on her bike, reading (another avid reader here!), going to concerts, happy hours, and snow shoeing in the winter. If she were a spice, she’d be basil because it’s green and wholesome.


“It’s better to be pooped out than pooped on.” - My Dad

Mak Parker

Pastry Chef

Mak Parker, from Narnia or San Antonio Texas, made her way out to Colorado to study baking and pastry at Johnson and Wales and to run cross country. When Mak isn’t baking at Moxie or staying up all night studying for her pre-law degree, she enjoys running, reading, having a fun night out on the town with friends, gardening, biking, and exploring new places, especially where food is involved.  If Mak was a spice, she’d be truffle shavings because you don’t get to have her all the time (you know baker and pre-law student life), but when you do, it’s high quality, baby!


“Do your own bit of saving, and if you drown, at least you die knowing you were headed for shore.” - Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury

Jordan Gartner

FOH / Barista / Social Media / Administrative Assistant

Jordan hails from the great state of South Carolina, Beaufort to be precise. She is at once a Southern Sophisticate and a banjo picking, flower farming earth mama. She is barista, and also is in charge of Moxie’s social media. If Jordan were a spice, she’d be paprika: it brings out the best in every dish without overshadowing the other ingredients.


“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.” - Gwendolyn Brooks

Paige Jones

Sandwich Artiste

Paige, affectionately known as Paige-y around Moxie hails from Detroit, Michigan, but spent a good bit of time on the West Coast, with her guitar as her travel companion. Paige came out to Colorado to be with family and enjoy the medicine of the slower pace of life in the Rocky Mountains. Paige is an incredibly talented illustrator, picker (mostly guitar), and singer. If Paige was a spice, she’d be szechuan peppercorn– it’s sensational! Overwhelming! But most often forgotten on the back of the spice cabinet ;).


“I’ll go to work, and I’ll go to sleep, and I’ll love some littler things.” - A Burning Hill, Mitski

Michael Heim

FOH / Barista

Michael hails from the stars, but more specifically, Omaha, Nebraska. What brought him out to Colorado was a beloved, but what kept him here was _______. Michael is a barista and a professional mushroom foraging guide. He enjoys running, hiking, anything outdoors (did we mention being outside?), good food, and chocolate. If Michael were a spice, he’d be chocolate (yep, chocolate is a spice), because he loves it and eats it every single day. That is all.


“She was pretty as a prayer book.” - That Was Your Mother, Paul Simon